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TFF Surface Engineering Co,ltd



TFF Surface Engineering Co.,ltd was founded in 2004 to correspond with the rapid growing market of Electroplating in Thailand. The company was cooperate by the joint venture of 3 partner, Intermech Group Co.,ltd (Thailand), Wuhan Feng Fan Surface Engineering Co.,ltd (China) and PT Bintang Metalindo Mulia (Indonesia) who have strong background and experience in Electroplating business, as following detail:

Intermech Group Co.,ltd (Thailand) is the new member of Phisit Group, who has more than 32 years experience in trading and manufacturing of industrial chemicals. Our group of companies was acquired ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certificate from BVQI since year 2000 and 2002 respectively. This is to guaranty our best quality product, excellent service, together with our truly belief in environmental concern. Intermech Group Co.,ltd was served Electroplating factory in Thailand since year 1999 with our premium quality product together with our best service.

Wuhan Feng Fan Surface Engineering Co.,ltd (China) is one of the leader in Electroplating chemical business in Chinese market. With their strong team of R&D and technology from German and US partner, the company has developed innovative and premium quality product for more than 20 years to serve local and international market. Wuhan Feng Fan group also the manufacturer for Intermediate chemical for? Electroplating brightener, and is one of the leader in China.

PT Bintang Metalindo Mulia (Indonesia) is importer, supplier and manufacturer of Electroplating chemicals and full range of products in Indonesia. With the company?s long experience together with technical knowledge, they became one of the leaders in Electroplating market in Indonesia.


Our business operation has expanded steadily eversince, with our belief in supplying our best quality, wide range of products with reasonable price and the most important thing is our promise to give our best techincal service support to our customers.

Our product list

1. Pre-treatment agents
2. Brightener and passivator for Zinc plating
3.Brightener Copper plating
4.Brightener Nickle plating and Free-Nickle plating
5.Chemicals for Chromium plating
6.Chemicals for Substitute Chromuim (Free-Chromium)
7.Chemicals for Alloy plating
8.Basic chemicals
9.Machinery for Electroplating factory
10.Lab equipment for Electroplating factory


Coattech Co.,ltd


We supply the best solution for your zinc plating factory

Coattech Co.,ltd is the newest member of? Phisit Group, which has more than 33 years experience in trading and manufacturing of industrial chemical products in Thailand.

The company was collaborated and supported by Columbia Chemical, the World leader in zinc plating brightener. This was guaranteed the best quality product we supplied to our customer in Thailand. Together with our completed laboratory and knowledgeable technical service team, we are ready to supply our best solution to your plating factory.

Our Vision

Coattech Co.,ltd aims to be the leader in Zinc plating chemical and solution supplier in Thailand. We are promise to supply the superior quality product to our customer with our best technical service team to become the ?business partner? with our customer.

We are considered ourselves as a young, energetic and technology-driven company that supply the best solution to our zinc plating factory customers.

Columbia Chemical
A World leader in zinc brightener technology

At Columbia chemical, zinc brighteners are our business. Since the company?s formation in 1975, we have been specialized in developing high quality zinc plating processes and additives. Today, as the world?s largest manufacturer of private label zinc and tin plating additives, Columbia Chemical is the pacesetter in the metal finishing industry of the world.

Columbia history of quality stems from innovative research and stringent testing and control standards. What began on the second floor of formal textile mill is now a modern 20,000 square-foot factory in Brunswick, Ohio. Our service includes fast delivery of the quality additives you need, packaged in quantity you prefer.

At Columbia Chemical, our experts can even work hand-in-hand with you to customize an additive to your specification. Our expanded line includes select products that compliment our zinc brighteners, such as, inhibitors for acid pickling and sealer for post-plate corrosion resistance.


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