Dyestuff : Reactive Dyes
Cotton, rayon, and cellulosic fabric are mostly dyed by reactive dyes. Reactive dyes havea bright shade with high washing fastness and rubbing fastness properties. Phisit Intergrouphas a wide range of reactive dyes which it could increase productivity and reduce cost.

Dyestuff : Disperse Dyes
Hicron dyestuffs of Phitsit Intergroup are disperse dyestuffs for polyester fiber with variety ofshades and excellent properties.

Dyestuff : Acid Dyes
Unimide and Uniset dyes are Acid dye that are effective on protein fibers such as wool and silk.They are also used for nylon and spandex dyeing.

Dyestuff : Direct Dyes
Direct dyes or Hirus can be used economically and simply for the dyeing of cellulosic fibre.The application of direct dyes to cotton dyeing will bring economical benefits becauseit will cut down the dyeing-cost.

Dyestuff : Vat Dyes
Solathrene dyes are Vat dyes for cellulose fabric that give excellect washing fastness andlight fastness properties.

Dyestuff : Basic Dyes
Basic dyes are cationic dyes that are mainly used for dyeing acryric fiber and cationic dyeable polyester fiber (CDP).


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