Paddle Mangle



  • Humanizes design operation panel
  • Small dimension to save the space
  • Low level and dumping type through, clean and easy to maintain
  • High efficiency and uniform pickup
  • Knitted fabric scroll roller
  • Woven fabric expand bow roller


Computerized control system


  • Incorporate with monitoring, controlling system, easy-to-operate. For full computerized and semi-automatic control system
  • Humanized operating interface control, incorporate with management demanding design
  • By virtue of fabric entry and exit double interface design, easy for operation adjustment
  • match with setting function, history records for running fabric conditions. Easy to trace management faults.
  • Computerized recipe management system
  • Able to work with automatic flow process control system

Overfeed pinning system

  • Left-right overfeed device controlled individually by servo motor
  • LK specialized system for automatic modulating setting, re-setting controller, closed cycle to accuracy control the overfeed system
  • Fabric entry scrolling and auxiliary supporting plate, combine with belt drive.
  • Overfeed press brush to increase the fabric selvedge pressing time

High efficiency air circulation system

  • High pressure air circulation system for uniform temperature
  • Upper and Lower adjustable air flow
  • Fan motor with inverter controlled
  • Specially designed slit ducting structure to ensure the air volume and temperature distribution
  • Digitally calculated motor fan speed and heat-setting quality demand, for optimum energy used.
  • Optional fully automatic moisture control system
  • Retractable double screen filter
  • Can be draw-off during operation
  • Equipped with automatic cut-off safety device
  • Fast rising of temperature
  • Anti-explosion design
  • Low pollution, easy to maintain

Main drive system

  • Individual servo motor with direction control
  • Left and right individual speed adjustable
  • Enable fast speed adjustment, work best with automatic weft straightener

Selvedge cutter

  • Design for on-the-fly adjustable, no need to stop the machine
  • Optimum loss in selvedge waste


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