Ima Spa is a fully independent joint-stock company established in 1976 in Turin by Mr. Luciano Sardini and Mr. Giovanni Cartabbia, already partners in the company Macpi spa Pressing Division and Mr. Franco Giachetti, who brought his expertise and experience as former manager of GFT in Turin, which at that time used to be one of the largest clothing manufactures in Italy. Since 1980, it has been located in Palazzolo s/O, nearby the Macpi Pressing Division. The flexibility, dynamism and energy of a small company are perfectly combined with the strength, the organization and the solidity of a big group.

This rare equilibrium enables Ima to reach and serve each single customer in the world with identical prompt efficiency and customized solution recommendations. In fact, as part of the Group, Ima can rely on the worldwide Macpi Group sales network organization, which is comprised of several branches from the Far East to the Americas Continent as well as a close net of agents and distributors in every single country.

In particular the company is able to offer a wide range of spreading systems, roll handling systems, spreading and storage tables and software programs for work order elaboration and lobour process management in the cutting room.

This is the result of a deep knowledge of all the specific needs in the cutting room and of the experience of more than 30 years in this field which enable Ima staff to reccomend and offer many different and customized solutions thanks also to a proper ´Information Technology Department´ that is always involved in studying and developing new efficient systems with the organization as a reference.

Multi-level table

with 3 levels to store lays before cutting. The 3 levels are conveyor tables consisting of a single full width PVC belt. A special control panel allows to control the movement, in both directions , of the conveyor of every single level and the movement up and down of the entire structure. In this way it is possible to automatic handle the movement of every single lay. Possibility to change and synchronize the speed of the belt with other conveyor tables or auto-cutters working jointly; speed variation and synchronization are done by inverter. Available in section of 4,6,8,10 or 12 mt.



IMA Formula is the new frontier for cutting machines. Introduced on October 2005, Formula is available in different versions thanks to its great flexibility which distinguishes this machine as top category



IMA STORAGER Mod 940 is an automatic storage complete handled by computer, studied for small or medium dimension parts. It is composed by a strong steel structure , by a special automatic lift moved by cc motors and by a variable number of metal containers fitted with internal separators. Two separate work place to optimise the productivity, touch screen control panel, possibility to interface it with the EDP for real time updating of the storage inventory.


TOP computerized spreading machine

IMA 863 TOP is a spreading machine fully automatic and interfacable with pc on board, touch screen panel, tension free device, no ends catcher. Specifically suitable to spread top quality lays of any kind of nature, even irregular steps lays of any kind of material, including elastic fabrics. Turret available with single pvc cradle ( fix or turntable) or with bar.



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