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Mile stone of Phisit Group


Due to a high demand of textile chemicals from the foreign investment in Textile industries in Thailand. Our president, Mr.Songkiat Phisitkul foreseen this as a opportunity to started up Phisit Standard Co.,ltd, a joint ventured company with Taiwanese investor, to import textile chemicals and market in Thailand. The company has a continuous growth from that point, then expanding to textile dyestuffs and related products.


Phisit Co.,ltd was established to be a representative of Leather tanning chemicals in Thailand. And now the company represent TRUMPLER chemical from Germany.


Textile industries become Thailand top exporter in value. Our group of company customers and sales also increased response to this trend. Grouptech Co.,ltd was founded to be serve our customers with the high quality textile machineries and laboratory equipment.


Our first factory in Samutprakarn was built at the same time Eurosia Chemicals Co.,ltd was established as a manufacturer of textile chemicals. This is to serve the higher demand of chemicals and dyestuffs from our customers and to reduce the imported value of finish goods.


The company has invested 4 million USD in the factory in Prachinburi under Phisit Intergroup Co.,ltd, which was BOI privileged as a manufacturer of textile dyestuffs from reaction process.


1993 is the first year ever Phisit group was exporting our product to the world.


Phisit group started business in Electroplating by establishing Intermech|Co.,ltd as an importer and distributor of Electroplating chemicals product and equipment to serve the Automotive, motorcycle and electronic industries.


There is an extension of textile auxiliary chemicals in our Prachinburi plant to increase the production capacity from Samutprakarn plant.


The company has established the pigment printing color production in Prachinburi plant. In the same year, the product has great success exported to many countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America, such as, USA, Holland, Hingkong, Korea, Taiwan or South Africa. Until now, the export value has exceed 50% of the production capacity.


Our group has celebrating Bicentennial with the improvement in the quality system to meet international standard. Phisit Intergroup Co.,ltd has successfully implementation of ISO 9001:2000 standard from BVQI. In the same year, the company was honored by the THAILAND BRAND AWARD from The Ministry of Commerce, Thailand. This is to guaranty the best quality product from our company for our local and export customers.


The new warehouse in Nakornprathom was established to serve our customer in the neighborhood area with faster delivery


Our company with the partner from China and Indonesia has started TFF Surface Engineering Co.,ltd as a manufacturer, distributor and technical support for electroplating chemicals product in Thailand. TFF Surface Engineering Co.,ltd use facility for production and warehouse in our Nakornprathom warehouse.


We have diversified to real estate industries by establishing Phisitchai real estate Co.,ltd to handle the townhouse, duplex and detached in Chiangrai province. The company also join with partners starting MB Tower Co.,ltd to handle high-rise condominium project in Bangkok area.


A joint ventures, Coattech Co.,ltd has been established as a sole agent form Columbia Chemical Inc., one of the world leader in Zinc plating chemical product.


Our group of companies have expanded our international markets to more countries in Asia, North America, Africa and Australia for Pigment and Dyestuff.


Phisit Intergroup Co., ltd has been certified for ISO9001:2008


Expansion pigment production plant for 1,500 square meters with 2 production lines at total capacity up to 130 tons per month


Expansion warehouse at Putthamonthon Sai 7 for total 1,500 square meters so as to serve better and prompt delivery to all valuable customers in textile dyeing house area.


Phisit Intergroup Co., ltd has been certified for ISO9001:2008


End of 2013 will be open Phisit Group building to celebrate 40th Anniversary.


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